Being a pioneer in what you’re doing and go through all the stages of development are two preconditions to become a leader. We started our story two decades ago, and initiated our own manufacture of motor oils and lubricants, as the only private company in the region. Experience of the leader, a clear vision and mission of the company built our way from year to year, followed by successful business results.


Initiated by the people who were leaders in the lubricant industry, even when we were at the beginning and when a production cycle was much smaller and the batch far shorter, we were into right principles. Teamwork, commitment and perseverance have contributed to the years of progress and a steady trend of development in the lubricant industry forced us to continually keep pace with time and take care of our uncompromising quality. Quality is the basis of all our products..


The continuing trend of growth and development has led that today TEHNOSINT represents a stable operating system with over 60 employees and a tradition of over 25 years.

EXTROL is one of the leading brands for the manufacture and use of motor oils and lubricants in the region today. The most modern factory for the manufacture of lubricants and knowledge of using our resources in a right way are the synergy of security that we have transmitted to each of our customers. The years behind us showed that our X formula is the right formula for success and synonymous with unrivaled quality.