Development and Control

By following world trends in the lubricant industry, we are continuously monitoring new technologies and formulating new products as a response to the challenges in a dynamic industry – production of oils and lubricants. The main advantage of the power of EXTROL is our own professional development team who cooperates with well-known international partners on a daily basis in order to monitor new specifications and create quality products. We are continuously investing in our staff through constant visits to European and international seminars, conferences, studies, trainings and practical researches.

Partnership in development with several renowned oil companies allows us to provide the quickest way to follow the latest trends in the production of lubricants and together we are innovative leaders in the production and application.

With our knowledge, we are controlling special selection of raw materials involved in our products and carefully building each new quality formulation.

Control includes monitoring of different business process steps in order to achieve the quality of the products which is defined by the different levels of the specification. Marketing of products to the market is preceded by multiphase analysis and controls, which provide us safety in the final realization of the product. Standardized product portfolio, controlled by all elements and declared according to all applicable regulations provides complete safety in exploitation.

EXTROL directed its policy towards the long-term and sustainable way of doing business, through a systematic approach of managing environmental standards, quality control processes, the quality of the final product and ultimate customer satisfaction. We are confident in what we do and the customers who use our products are safe with us. Today, numerous references guarantee our quality. We are professional service for lubricants for thousands of consumers, consumers who do not change quality.